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With Ucha.se you prepare quickly and easily for school in all subjects!
In Ucha you choose a subject and a class, watch video lessons, take the tests after them and immediately confirm what you have learned.
When you see the answers to the test, with one click you can play the exact excerpt from the lesson, with which you can quickly fill your gaps. If you have questions, you can
write a comment below the video tutorial and our teachers will answer you.
You can watch the video tutorials and take the tests anywhere and anytime. You learn at your own pace - you speed up and slow down the video whenever you want. To make it even
more convenient, you can choose the textbook you study, and the application will arrange the lessons according to its content. So everything is arranged exactly as in your
textbook and you immediately find the right video tutorial or test.
It is important that every day you see your progress in Ucha.se. When you study with us, you accumulate XP points, with which you develop your account, earn badges and compare
your activity with that of your friends. You get a weekly report on your activity and you know what you can improve.
In addition to school lessons, in Ucha.se you will find video lessons in foreign languages, financial literacy and entrepreneurship, logic puzzles, as well as great videos on a
variety of interesting topics in life.
When you regularly study with the video lessons and tests in Ucha.se, you save time for your favorite activities and do even better in school!
Join Ucha.se with over 1,000,000 users in educational site №1 of Bulgaria!

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