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맴매전화 - 우리아이 훈육어플 время обновления 1.2.3

Maemmae Phone - My child discipline application"My child who is grown up and doesn't listen to me, isn't there a clear solution?" Now, start to discip

62.84 MB
Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise время обновления 2.1

A life saver app for sleepless parents! You will get your baby to sleep much faster with this white noise lullaby app for babies. WHY USE BABY WHITE N

66.59 MB
Osmanlıca İmla Kılavuzu время обновления 2.0.1

ABOUT The g Osmânlıca İmlâ Kılavuzu oloj, which was brought to life by the Hayrât Foundation in August 2016, has now met with you as a mobile applicat

6.56 MB
Baby Cry Insights: Translator время обновления 1.1.008

Welcome to Baby Cry Insights – your dedicated AI-powered baby cry tracker and translator. Decode your baby's secret language by translating their cry

27.14 MB
الدكتور والقيصر время обновления 2.1.3

An integrated platform for managing e-learning process with the latest technology in protection, photography, editing, designing handouts and books, s

47.45 MB

Download The Short Years app and create your first baby book chapter in just five minutes! Once a week, The Short Years App will remind you to upload

33.17 MB
EdParent 1.2.3

EdParent is a mobile application allowing parents to follow up in real time on the progress of their children at school. EdParent assures: Interaction

5.08 MB

English Spelling and Grammar will help you learn to spell well in an entertaining way by playing multiple-choice tests and quizzes. It covers complete

13 MB

With the DiE KiTA APP we want to enable simple, secure and uncomplicated communication between parents and daycare centers. In addition to communicati

4.07 MB

Being The Parent thrives to create a strong eco system for parents and can empower them to take informed decisions. We surround mothers with support a

8.05 MB

It's a perfect application for education try our service with our best instructors. This app is a service for everyone in Egypt center who want to lea

3.93 MB

Expressing the Qur’an in its thirty parts, studying its words morphologically, and analyzing the statement in its eloquence, for the fit between inter

38.66 MB

The app updates video tutorials in detail for Excel, SPSS, STATA, Python, R-Projects and Statistics. Basic concepts on Statistics are explained with e

9.45 MB
PS Career

PS Career is an online platform for managing data associated with its tutoring classes in the most efficient and transparent manner. It is a user-frie

110.66 MB
Kidlak 2.4.0

Kidlak it simple and convenient to use, free application available on all mobile platforms, allowing for easy communication and cooperation of parents

25.75 MB
Safy 4.4.16

SAFY, your virtual Bodyguard 24/7 In the event of any danger, you will only have to press the SOS button that is in the Safy notification, it is not n

35.98 MB

Right from understanding the topics to clearing the exam, we offer you a one-stop solution for all your learning needs. Now learn with us, uninterrupt

32.38 MB
fidu 5.11.0

Fidu develops custom apps for schools. Its operating system improves communication with the school community, simplifies collection and increases coll

13.38 MB
مدرستي 0.1.46

أسلوب جديد لإدارة التعلم إلكترونياً من خلال بيئة تعليمية تفاعلية مكملة للحصص الدراسية داخل المدرسة وخارجها. يستهدف الطلاب و أولياء الأمور ويتضمن التطب

37.42 MB
Sleepy App 2.1.10

Sleepy App is our way of looking after mum's wellbeing. This isn’t just an app, it’s a baby sleep support group that can help and ensure you’re not fe

55.79 MB