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Engage with your mental health and mental wellness with ThoughtFullChat!
We’re bringing online therapy to you with just a simple tap on your device. Get connected with your best-fit certified mental health therapist (counsellors or psychologists)
and chat with them via text or audio message anytime, anywhere.
Your therapist can help you better understand and cope with your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. If all you need is some guidance on your self-care practices and goals,
set up a preferred date and time with them for your daily check-ins and bite-sized online coaching for as little as 15 minutes.
Your mental health needs are our utmost priority. Apart from engaging with a therapist, ThoughtFullChat also provides the following features that allows you to:
· Reflect and record how you’re feeling that day using our Mood Tracker
· Create a journal or diary entry to note down your thoughts and feelings in our Guided Journal
· Track your mental and emotional health with the clinically proven emotional health assessment to help you assess your Stress, Anxiety and Depression at any given
· Access our ThoughtFully curated, science-backed Guided Learning packs to overcome personal (e.g., stress-relief), family, relationship, or career/ academic
Start your day better with ThoughtFullChat, whether it’s simply building everyday resilience or seeking to be more mindful and to grow as an individual. We’re here with you
every step of the way.
ThoughtFullChat is available in 5 languages! (English, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog)
ThoughtFullChat also provides Employee Mental Health Assistance Programs, which are tailored to every organization’s needs. Employees under the subscription plan will have
access to an on-the-go Employee Assistance Program with unlimited access to all the app’s features.
Interested to learn more?
Book a demo with us today,
All therapists on ThoughtFullChat are certified mental health professionals (counsellors, psychologists, or psychiatrists) who have completed the required academic and
practicum hours to obtain their relevant qualifications and credentials in their respective locations. We have certified coaches in 16 locations who speak over 11 languages
and dialects, and cover more than 30 different clinical specialities. We understand that finding the best therapist is sometimes like trying to find THE ONE, you have the
option to switch your mental health therapist at any moment. Your progress will be securely and seamlessly transferred to your new therapist.
Subscriptions Disclaimer:
ThoughtFullChat is a subscription-based app. We do, however, provide a free two-week trial with no credit card details required where you can chat with your online
If you’d like to speak with a therapist via an online therapy session, visit our website for more info,
If you require any further information, please contact us at [email protected]
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