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Start now with a fateful story that depends on your choice.
◆ UGC service started! Anyone is a new writer!
Just looking at it is not enough! You can create and serialize your own visual novel. Use Maby characters and try to make it easily on mobile.
◇ What is your choice at the fork of fate?
Every story depends on your choice
May your new story be a happy journey ...
◆ Lots of spin-offs of popular LINE manga comics and web novels!
"I request remarriage approval", "I want to rob you all", "I will protect the love of sub-characters", etc.
Please enjoy a story different from the original!
◇ Works of various genres updated weekly!
Genres such as romance, science fiction, fantasy, BL, youth, drama, etc. to choose according to your taste!
Experience the weekly story of Maby.
◆ You can freely choose the costumes and hairstyles of the main character of the story to your liking!
Lovely today! Cool and chic tomorrow!
Transform into a different style every day for your own story!
[Maybe's work]
◆ Royal Blood ◆
"Would you like to marry a vampire? 』\
The day my mother's funeral took place, everything in my life changed!
Hidden vampire secrets and three beautiful suitors!
Who is the man you choose at the end of the fascinating story?
◆ Kill Your Boss-Birds without legs- ◆
"This is how I love you"
Now you have two options. Will you obey the order to kill the target as an IA staff member, or will you betray ⅭIA for your beloved target? What is the end of the story you
◆ Love Shuffle Paradise ◆
"Rule 1, don't sleep with me"
You who were unfairly dismissed by being involved in a sex scandal.
The other party is Lucas, the CEO of the company! ?? He offered to compensate for his dismissal by appearing in a romance variety that tempted him. Can you really win his
◆ Request remarriage approval ◆
"Accept divorce"
I have lived only to be the perfect empress. However, the emperor said he didn't need a good empress and took a concubine from a fugitive slave. And that concubine began to
threaten my position ...!
Weekly updates on stories of various genres such as!
Unlimited reading of your favorite story!
【I recommend this hotel】
◇ I like reading manga and novels
◇ I want to make my own work
◇ I want to visualize a text novel
◇ I like watching movies, dramas, and anime
◇ I like web novels and webtoons
◇ Light novels, reading comics
◇ I want to read various genres such as fantasy, different world, suspense, BL, etc.
◇ When I was little, I thought about becoming a novelist
◇ I have drawn manga in my notebook even with graffiti
◇ I want to change the ending of novels and manga in any direction
◇ I want to enjoy romance simulation games and otome games
◇ I want to taste the crush
◇ I want to have a romance with a handsome guy
◇ Healing is necessary in daily life
◇ I'm looking for an app to play during commuting time
◇ I want to meet various worldviews and characters
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is performed on the App Store.
・ The subscription period will be one month starting from the billing date.
・ If the customer does not suspend the contract more than 24 hours before the end of the contracted subscription period on the App Store, the renewal fee will be
automatically charged.
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