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Welcome to our net server - your ultimate solution for secure, private and fast internet browsing. Our app provides you with seamless access to the in

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Mobile Room Control enables the control of light, temperature, blinds, ventilation and much more, depending on the respective building equipment in co

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Evoloop mobile app is dedicated to configure your Evoloop Sensor.

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Status Saver - Status Downloader lets you download statuses instantly. Status downloader - save status of your friends in no time. Status Saver App wi

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AIR PET needs to be used with Meowant smart cat litter. 【Automatic cleaning】 Automatic cleaning after sensing that the cat has left, or automatic clea

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Moviscope is the most beautiful and powerful app for exploring and tracking movies, TV shows, and actors from the largest community database (TMDb). D

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★ Easy Nepali Voice Typing Keyboard – Nepali Typing ★ Easy English to Nepali Keyboard with Cute Emojis has come with allot of exciting features to mak

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I have a youtube channel that I have shared my electronic projects and I have build a few smart home devices with using ESP-8266. Than I have built th

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This application is designed to work with Free Dish Set Top Box Works with the Following Models: 888, 888+, 888A 8007,8009 8785, 8786 Elinksmart 8080,

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✅ Show which keys you have pressed. ✅ Show which axes the analog controls move. ✅ Simple to use. ✅ Xbox Controller tester ✅ PlayStation Controller tes

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ALA Widget- a social mobile widget app to play with friends and couples ALA Widget is a collection of countdown, anniversary, lock screen wallpaper th

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Welcome to "Postal Codes for Mexico", your fast and efficient tool to search for postal codes throughout the country! We facilitate the consultation o

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My Codes provides quick and easy access to QR codes saved on your device from your Wear OS device. You will no longer face the problem of forgetting y

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This ai art tool is specially designed for ai artist. It contains all ai art generator free tools for ai artists. With an extensive collection of AI a

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▣ Planning timetable - You can plan various timetables such as class timetables and travel timetables. ▣ Execution Timetable - You can apply your plan

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OBD 2 Scanner Car Check Torque, FixD Check engine, Dashboard, Logs Car OBD Scanner OBD2 Scanner Car Check - Your Ultimate Car Companion! Are you curio

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LIPO manager allows you to register all the batteries you have and keep an absolute control * over them in a very simple way. - Maintain and consult y

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The camera app on the Phone is great app, but if you're on an Android phone you can't use it, so I created iCamera app for everyone. Camera is an appl

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Simple Calculator is designed same as iPhone's calculator. and it also work same as iOS calculator you can use to solve different kinds of mathematica

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ABOUT Make scanning and sharing documents faster and easier than ever with Visioneer Mobile Capture! Now available for Android devices, the Visioneer

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